To create a page, you must get a permission from EchoNightmareBlade. That also applies to templates.

The creation of a page without an admin's permission will result in a warning. If that occurs again, it will be a 1-week block. Every other offense will have 1 week added, until it completes a month when the next block will be a permanent ban. Pages created for vandalism will be deleted and the user will have a month ban. Depending on the page, you might not be warned.


The creation of new categories will only be viable if it's authorized by an admin. Categories created without permission will be deleted and the creator will receive a warning. Vandalism categories will be deleted and the creator will be blocked for 1 month. Categories in a page about something that doesn't apply e.g. Giraffatitan in the Carnivores category will have the user who added it is banned for 1 day.


Vandals will be banned for a month. After the expiration of the ban, if any offenses the user will have a permanent ban. If there's no admin currently online, you can leave a message on their message wall with the link to the contributions of the vandals.


Respect everyone. Any post created to insult another user will result in a 5 days block. Posts not related to the channel created will be deleted. If the same user does that over and over again, it will be a week ban. Posts made for requesting upvotes will be deleted and the creator will be banned.


Don't insert false info or gibberish in pages. If you have questions about whether the info is accurate about dinosaurs, ask either Gardy or Theferretman21. If have a question about strategies, ask Echo; If you insert gibberish in pages you will be blocked for 3 days.

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