Welcome to Era of Terror! To begin, you need to know the basics in order to survive. Below describes each individual gameplay element the game has to offer.


To walk, use the arrow keys or the WASD keys. As of the Spring update, the only dinosaurs in which can walk backwards are the newly modeled dinosaurs, and Stegosaurus, Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.

Eating and Drinking

All dinosaurs are either herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. As a herbivore, you must find a certain plant that people call ferns unless you are a Triceratops, which can eat other plants as well. Ferns in game look quite like real-life ferns. As a carnivore, you must find and/or kill other dinosaurs then eat them by pressing E. Hunting can be hard, and that is why it is mostly harder to raise a carnivore than herbivores omnivores. Omnivores are a "mix" of the other two diets. You can find ferns and eat them as a omnivore, (preferably easier), or hunt another dinosaur to eat. However, if you are Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus or Majungasaurus, press Q to pick up a fraction of a fern or body, and then follow with E to swallow the piece. To drink, like eating, press E, but also note that in some areas, (mostly areas that are connected to the ocean), there is salt water, which is undrinkable so you will need to find a freshwater area, such as the swamp and other mini ponds scattered around the map.


Combat is very important in EoT. To simply attack, click the right or left mouse button. Maiasaura, and possibly Deinosuchus in the future are both capable of preforming two attacks each. Other dinosaurs such as Tarchia, Stegosaurus and Therizinosaurus also are able to preform two attacks, but these attacks are pretty much the same, a right click making the dinosaur's tail or claw go right, and a left making it go left. The Diplodocus is the only dinosaur able to preform three attacks, click the left side of your mouse to whip left, right to whip right and press both at the same time to use a stomp. Most adult dinosaurs are capable of "trample" damage to young dinosaurs, but large dinosaurs, such as Giraffatitan or Diplidocus could even trample other adult dinosaurs. Use this to your advantage, or keep this in mind!


Growth is the purple bar in the lower left corner of your screen. Each dinosaur takes a longer or shorter time to grow, larger dinosaurs usually taking longer. There are 3 stages of growth, juvenile, adolescent and adult. The Deinosuchus has 4 stages of growth, the 3 before remaining the same, but it has a fourth growthstage called Super Adult.


Calling is a source of vocalization that all dinosaurs can use and can be heard by you and other players. You can use number keys 1, 2, 3, and 4 to call, but note that not every dinosaur has that many calls. It is not recommending calling as a stage below adult since it is away predators could hear you and/or find you. Each call is said to be a different thing for each dinosaur, such as 3rd call being a threat call as Tyrannosaurus, etc.

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