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It has a dark brown feathers, with a grey and dark grey skin color, spiked up feathers on its back, tail, and arms, a small head, and long claws on its hands.

In-Real Life

The Therizinosaurus is the largest species of Therizinosauridae family, a group of therapoda dinosaur. Therizinosaurus was discovered in the Nemegt Formation. Therizinosaurus lived 70 may along with more strange creatures like Tarchia, Tarbosaurus, and Gallimimus. Although there is no direct evidence for what it looks like, but most paleontologist compare it to more dinosaurs from the same family like Erlikosaurus.

It was much more close to herbivore, but it may have eaten small animals as a separate meal. It had large claws. But they were not that strong, so it would have most likely used them to reach high reaching plants, and to threaten predators. But nevertheless, therizinosaurus would have used its claws as a weapon too. For example, the giant panda, which has similar position in natural uses its claws as a weapon as well as grab food. And smilodon's large teeth were weak but it still used the teeth when it's on hunt.


Therizinosaurus is a large herbivore in Era of Terror. It's currently the weakest large herbivore in the game. Therizinosaurus is currently the only herbivore in the game, that isn't a sauropod to be able to eat from leaves. It is currently only able to Birch Trees, which is so far the only edible tree in game. Therizinosaurus excepted to be one of the last dinosaurs to get a remodel because of the small amount of parts used for the model.


  • It was once mistaken to be a turtle-like reptile and a giant meat eater that caught prey with its massive hands.
  • This creature is related to the feathered Beipiaosaurus leading scientists to believe Therizinosaurus was feathered as well.
  • It and Spinosaurus are the only two animals in the game with a claw swipe as an attack for now.
  • It can eat birch and normal trees.

Adolescent therizinosaurus, also called teen therizinosaurus, is a younger form of therizinosaurus. It's easy prey for many predators, such as the juvenile Tyrannosaurus or adults of other carnivore species. Adolescent therizinosaurus are also somewhat slow, unable to outrun most of their predators. They rely mostly on less populated areas, herds, or areas rich with juvenile dinosaurs which cannot do much damage to them.

Juvenile therizinosaurus, also called baby therizinosaurus, is the youngest form of therizinosaurus. They're surprisingly tall for babies. Despite their long threatening claws, juvenile therizinosaurus are not very strong and cannot defend themselves from most predators. They rely very much on adult or adolescent therizinosaurus, which can defend them from the large amount of predators on EOT.


  • There is currently a glitch that causes the juvenile Therizinosaurus to not be able to move when the player tries to eat.

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