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Tyrannosaurus Rex, also known as T.rex, was the largest known tyrannosaur. It lived in late Cretaceous North America, living up to the K-T extinction.

In the old Era of Terror, the Tyrannosaurus has three calls; two of which are low, ambient grumbles. These calls were so loud that they can be heard from across the map. These are normally used to find fellow T.rexes, resulting in the creation of carnivore packs. These tend to cause mass paranoia among herbivores. The other is a less terrifying and quieter growl, which is used by most players as a warning.

In the new Era of Terror, the Tyrannosaurus has six calls; four of which are low, ambient grumbles. The fifth is a constant and louder grumble, used for warnings. The sixth is the closest you have to a "roar", primarily used for scare tactics.

As of the new August Update for Era of Terror, Tyrannosaurus can roar using its 1 and 3 calls. It has 4 calls in total, the other calls, 2 and 4 could be used for intimidation, aggression, or a call of friendliness (Highly likely to be the first 2 reasons). Before the save update, it was normal to find adult rexes (Around 3 or more each server). Now they are controlled. Tyrannosaurus' growth was also changed; also in the new update, the remodel is smaller than its old one.

Survival Strategy

The Tyrannosaurus is a relatively fast carnivore, being able to outrun a Therizinosaurus and chase a Gallimimus, although it's not recommended as it will deplete all of your stamina and the hunger monitor will drain rapidly.

Due to its decent speed and high health, it is recommended to be an ambush predator. Catching a Triceratops off-guard and attacking from behind will most likely result in a successful hunt.

As of the August Update, Tyrannosaurus has been changed. Its hunger and size is diminished, therefore you do not have to hunt as often as the old Tyrannosaurus. In order to survive however, keep your eyes towards Stegosaurus and other adult / sub adult carnivores for a reliable food source. If you have two other adults with you, it is possible to kill a Diplodocus and/or a Giraffatitan.

What not to do as Tyrannosaurus:

Be extra careful while falling down cliffs, a tiny hill can kill you.

Certain parts of the map are bugged, and small divots can launch you into the air. Running over these spots often trigger the action, so please be extra careful.

Facing other Tyrannosaurus can lead to certain death, and facing apex herbivores alone can be risky. Do not stand and repeatedly bite an apex herbivore or another Tyrannosaurus. To clash against certain herbivores, aim for the back of Triceratops, neck of Diplodocus and right side of the Giraffatitan. Bite the tail of another Tyrannosaurus to avoid getting hit.

If you're starving, go to populated areas of the map (Such as the swamp, redwoods, or oasis) And see if there's anything there. Your hunger drains quite quickly, so spend some time in each area for no longer than a minute. Cycle between each biome if you can't find anything, and listen to global chat to see if you can figure out where people are. If you can't find anything, switch to a densely populated server. There is a higher chance of potential food items!

Don't frequently call, it will scare off other people and many may form mobs to attack you. Call at isolated areas or if you aren't hungry.

In Real Life

Tyrannosaurus rex (ty·ran·no·saur·us/pronounced ti-RAN-oh-SORE-us) (from the Greek words tyrannos/τύραννος = tyrant + sauros/σαῦρος = lizard + rex = king), also known and simply as T. rex, was a large carnivorous theropod dinosaur that lived from 68 to 66 million years ago. Tyrannosaurus is the most well known and most iconic prehistoric animal that has ever lived, it is what comes to mind when someone thinks of a predatory carnivorous dinosaur. Most popular for its role in the Jurassic Park film franchise

As of 2012, 44 specimens had been found, including three complete skulls, the most undistorted skull belonging to the Stan specimen. Tyrannosaurus rex measures 13 meters (43 feet) long, stands 3.73 meters tall at hips and weighed about 8.8 tonnes or more, meaning this dinosaur was way larger than the mass of the average African bush elephant.

Tyrannosaurus had large head and banana shaped teeth. Tyrannosaurus had 30,000-50,000 N(3.5-6 t) bite force, and Its teeth was specialized to break the bones, instead of tear the flesh, could break triceratops' horns, frill and ankylosaurs' armor. Tyrannosaurus had long legs and strong tail muscle that it would have run fast. Also it was specialized in long-distance running and would have been able to move nimble.

Unlike previous depictions, Tyrannosaurus likely had little to no feathers on its body, rather being covered in scales that likely secondarily evolved from more primitive 'feather-y' Tyrannosaur ancestor like the Yutyrannus. This is evident by scale impressions from Tyrannosaurus, and it's close Tyrannosaurid relatives like Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Tarbosaurus, etc. Some paleontologists like Mark Witton argue that Tyrannosaurus was feathered in its juvenile form, losing them overtime as it grew up. Mark Witton also argues that the extent of feathers on Tyrannosaurus would change over seasons.

Tyrannosaurus and other tyrannosaurids likely had Orbital (around/near the eye socket) "bumps" or "horns" with keratin sheaths. As well as padded scales around the nasal bones, large ornamental scales on the maxilla/snout, and immobile extra-oral tissue that is absent in the in-game model for Tyrannosaurus. This tissue would form a "seal" when the mouth was closed.


  • It once had feathers, but they have been removed.
  • In the old version, it did not posses calls like it has now. It was much more similar to the Isla Nublar Tyrannosaurus rex roar.
  • Some early taxonomic names for Tyrannosaurus include Dynamosaurus imperiosus and Manospondylus gigas
  • The Tyrannosaurus used to have a glitch where if the player grabbed a corpse and the corpse despawns, the creature would still have its mouth open. If the player grabbed another corpse afterward, the Tyrannosaurus' lower jaw would glitch into its neck. If that corpse despawns and the player grabbed another, the its mouth would glitch to the point that it looked like it was wearing its own mouth as a helmet.

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The adolescent tyrannosaurus, also called 'teen' tyrannosaurus or rex, is a younger version of Tyrannosaurus. It's similar to the juvenile tyrannosaurus, yet larger. It's effective at killing many small dinosaurs, yet always be aware of your fragile form. Their only substantial predators are Majungasaurus, Ceratosaurus, Spinosaurus and others of their own species. |-|Juvenile=

The juvenile tyrannosaurus, also called baby tyrannosaurus or juvie rex, is the youngest version of Tyrannosaurus. It is similar in appearance to the Saurian baby tyrannosaurus. The juvenile tyrannosaurus was in primal life, and used to be covered in feathers. It is good at killing juveniles and small animals.

Please be aware of other players whilst living as a juvenile rex, for many are out to eradicate you. Scavenging is your best bet if you would like to stay out of trouble. This stage may be upsetting, yet it's possible!

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