In Real Life

Utahraptor was a giant dromaeosaur from Early Cretaceous period in North America. It grew to extravagant lengths 16-23 feet (5-7 meters), and weighed in at nearly half a ton or nearly a ton. The largest dromaeosaurid known to roam the Earth, Utahraptor, was even larger than a horse.

Unlike other dromaeosaurids, utahraptor was robust and stocky instead of slim. it had short legs so it wasn't swift long-distance runner, but the legs were very robust and powerful. The front of the jaws bent forward and down, and its tail was relatively short and flexible in comparison to that of related subfamilies.

Utahraptor would have been an ambush hunter that preyed on larger and slower dinosaurs such as iguanodontias, therizinosaurs and small-medium sauropods. Utahraptor had large head so it would have used its jaws more than its hand claws while hunting.

According to phylogenetic evidence suggesting, Utahraptor must had feathers all over the body despite its size, since the quill knobs are discovered in another large dromaeosaur dakotaraptor.


In-game, Utahraptor is a force to be reckoned with. Not only does it possess great maneuverability, it's also one of the fastest animals in the game. Running even faster than 20 MPH, its speed surpasses even the mighty Tyrannosaurus, also its speed is rivaled by none except for the Gallimimus. In EOT:R, Utahraptor carries two distinct mechanics that no other dinosaur has. These two mechanics are: the option to spread your wings or keep them tucked, and the option to keep your sickle claw parallel with the rest of your toes. These two toggleable options are both cosmetic, but they are a neat throwback to the former game, Primal Life.


Utahraptor may be small when compared to the other carnivores, but it packs a punch. It can deliver quick, ferocious bites that deal a good amount of damage to whoever is on the receiving end of it, and, like a Cassowary, it can dish out a killer kick move that could disembowel its prey (the kick is not in the game yet but will be added soon). Utahraptor is not something that you would want to mess with alone, and especially in packs. However they are very weak healthwise, able to be one shotted by most creatures in the game, excluding Gallimimus, Hypsilophodon, Oviraptor, other utahraptors, Ceratosaurus, and Majungasaurus.

Adolescent Utahraptor, also known as Teen Utahraptor and Sub-Adult Utahraptor, is a younger version of the creature. They aren't excellent predators, but are at least better than the juveniles. It relies almost completely on scavenging, but is good at killing juveniles or other small dinosaurs.

Juvenile utahraptor, also known as Baby Utahraptor, is the youngest version of the Utahraptor. It is the weakest baby carnivore, and relies completely on scavenging or pack life, and falls as a prey to any other carnivores, as well as omnivores.

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